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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 20, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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go to greta just put "the five" is next. >> eric: hello, everyone. 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling, alongside andrea tantaros, bob becket, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. we have a lot to talk about tonight. leadership skills, either you have them or you don't. or if you ask bill clinton for a little help. the president getting much-needed advice from 42. there is a heat wave sweeping the nation, but two feisty congress people firing up the house floor. plus, for all the parents out there, would you complain about the local playground being too safe? all of this and much more. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: a live shot of the
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white house there. change over. first democratic leadership was meeting with the president at 5:00. said that republicans john boehner and eric cantor are going to meet and switch in the hallway, pass in the hallway thumbs up or thumbs down. spend time meeting behind closed doors. >> greg: a lot happening in that shot. i think i saw a squirrel move along. >> andrea: it's very symbolic, in washington, d.c. >> eric: the point is what is going on in the white house, bob? >> bob: it's very interesting. before -- >> eric: you're sure of this? >> bob: sure of anything in washington. thank god there is a deadline for summer vacation in washington. that more than anything else pushes them. but you began to see two things happen. one, coburn came in after his $9 trillion proposal and came back and endorsed the gang of six. irony is they are back where they were with the debt commission. right? but he came along and then they started to add up senators and they got up to 47, 48. they'll have majority of them by tonight. then, of course, the question
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was the house. you heard them use the word over and over. they're isolated. they're isolated. the tea party people. including coburn. i think that the pressure is starting. if it happens, i'm going to give credit to the chamber of commerce. the business community is putting pressure on them. $3.9 trillion deal. it will have to be written in a way the things you don't get the legislation until a certain date but it is mandated. it will be a tough piece of legislation. i tell you, for the first time, greg, you can be happy. we are finally going to get it off the table. >> greg: this reminds me of watching a kid's soccer game. you are there and the only people enjoying result the kids and it goes on forever. at the end, there is still no score. this thing has to be over. it has to go away. bring back anthony weiner. >> eric: if it over, it is over with a trillion dollar increase in taxes. bottom line. here is the leap that republicans are at least conservative republicans, fiscal conservatives have to make. are we going to go ahead and sign in legislation the
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trillion dollar tax increase before we know where the three or $4 trillion of the cults are coming? >> dana: i think it could happen. the deadline thing is one thing. president obama must get to martha's vineyard. this is a must do. >> bob: whatever it takes. whatever it takes. >> greg: i want him to go. >> dana: i think that the volatility in the country, let's get outside of washington, d.c. there was a poll that said that 65% of people out there support a balanced budget amendment. what happened over the last 48 hours is the house of representatives passed their cut, cap and balance bill. fine. now we're going to get to the gang of six thing. mcconnell doesn't like the gang of six thing. i imagine what is happening at the white house right now is president obama is working with the democrats and the republicans to say rhetorically, what are we going to say to get everybody covered so they can come to the table. >> bob: you're right. when came out and said i see some things here i could live, with you knew that was great
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because he was -- there was a imaginary line with him. there is a poll. part of this also is the pressure from the country changed. we have a poll here showing what happened and who people are blaming out there. the most interesting statistic in this is republicans, only 42% blame their own party. a month ago. now, they blame the republicans are being blamed by 589% of the republicans are blaming them. saying they are doing a worse job than obama. among independents, up to 79%. >> andrea: is that bolling from the beckell institute? >> bob: don't take a shot -- >> andrea: no, listen, bob. that long-term if that poll is accurate and not skewed to democratic sample is not going to matter. same way, though it should matter is when the white house press secretary jay carney comes out and says the president is showing leadership by not offering any plan. now he is not showing leadership. he is ducking because he doesn't want to put any of his own proposals out there. >> bob: the scariest number,
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this is the "washington post"/abc poll. accurate. a lot of us use it over the years and pretty consistent. one number, the republicans, not that their own people turning off but independents. right now the independents are tough for barack obama to pull back in. >> andrea: true. >> greg: can we go to the live shot of the white house. >> bob: another squirrel. >> greg: i saw another girl limping along. very exciting. we're going to get an exclusive with the squirrel. isn't the problem with this poll, i'm not an expert. i hate polls. you can read them like tea leaves arved see whatever you want in them. they weren't registered voters. they were just adults, right? it doesn't matter. am i right about that? >> bob: the poll is of adults. correct. >> greg: not registered voters. >> bob: when you poll registered voters, it doesn't matter. you rarely get people that will vote. one thing that politicians pay attention to it is when they track numbers over a month. when republicans saw the number go from 42 to 58% they knew they were on the wrong side of this deal.
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>> eric: let's move on. andrea pointed out jay carney talked about leadership and obama said you don't lead by putting a proposal out there i agree with andrea you need to put your proposal out. he seems to play defense. >> greg: this is michael scott with the office way of explaining something away. if obama had led that would have been good. if he didn't lead, he is still leading. politicians. >> eric: move on. we want to get it moving here a little bit. joe biden in 1984, turns out we already know president obama when he was senator obama voted against raising the debt ceiling. but it turns out and we did history, and checked fact-checking and biden was against raising the debt ceiling in '84. >> dana: this goes to something that bob has said in the past week, which is that both parties have done this over and over again. the problem for president obama is that if it was musical chairs, the music has stopped there is one chair left. >> bob: exactly right. >> dana: taken out. so someone has to pay the piper and he happens to be the president to pay the piper.
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>> bob: when is the last time that obama did put something on the table? >> dana: this is leading from behind. >> greg: i don't remember when he did. >> bob: i tried to explain this yesterday and i know sometimes your memories were short but you were an oil trader and had to make it happen quick. but we have had a history of this, as dana pointed out go look at it and as back as far as you want, '84 and the party out of power sticks to the president in power. >> greg: that is the problem. this is the president's credit card. it doesn't matter who the president is. the american people hate this conversation. because what they see they don't see any division between the parties. it's the same for the republics, same for the democrats. >> andrea: look at how bill clinton is playing politics with this. he comes out again and steps on obama's toes and says if he were president, of course, he would invoke the 14th amendment. if you look back to when he was president what did he do? he signed a balanced budget act. not amendment. in law. i mean this seriously, bob. why don't they do it now? why don't democrats, why are
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they so bless against a balanced budget? >> bob: it's still in place. >> andrea: they just ignore it. >> bob: the balanced budget. but they figured out ways to get around it and it never mattered. i thought the bill clinton thing was interesting the way he came after obama in not just one but a number of areas. i had a sense this was a get-back for 2008. you know? he made up really quickly with obama. >> dana: but remember, two weeks ago he was on the cover of the "newsweek" talking about the 14 ways he would save the economy, as if anyone is listening anymore. i imagine that david axelrod -- bos thi -- >> bob: this is a master politician. what he should have said is my wife would have done it differently. >> greg: he reminds me of your wealthy father-in-law who got you a job and comes around the house to tell you how to treat his daughter. he is never, he is never gone away. i got to tell you, obama and his wife just must be sick and tired of it. >> bob: that happened to me. i married a wealthy woman and her father and mother never
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left the house. unbelievable. >> greg: that's what i'm saying. they hope he finds another girlfriend. >> bob: that is what they wanted in my case. looking and saying is this the best you can do? they said it in front of me. >> andrea: he speaks because there are a lot of portions of democrats that are upset hillary didn't get the vote and are still in love with bill clinton. >> bob: bill clinton kept his powder dry. but the amendment, i think he was putting that out there, that added to the mix. he is a smart strategist. one of the best there is. >> eric: we looked back and i put a chart together of the debt ceiling and how it's been up, raise, raise, raise going forward. here is what this debate is all about. the democrats don't want a default. see that line? look at the increase. democrat, is that where -- if that were your bank account that would be fantastic. but that is something really bad. like i don't know -- >> andrea: credit card bill. >> dana: cholesterol. >> eric: god forbid you have a disease. if that is that number you want it to turn down but the
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democrats say it doesn't matter if it's going up. you want to make sure that you don't default on it. >> bob: that is your bank account saving. daps i will give bob a heart attack. give republicans some credit for getting the debate where it is now. >> bob: i certainly do. >> dana: you have to remember, congresswoman maxine waters saying she is willing to talk about entitlement reform and social security. >> bob: i take my hat off -- i don't say it off but i will take my hat off for tea party people, they got the debate in front and center. silly debate. >> andrea: don't celebrate too soon. tax increases. >> bob: i been in washington 30 years. nothing sure except they are going on vacation. >> eric: let's say they get a deal together in the senate, then it goes back to the house, right? you're sure it will pass? >> bob: i'm not sure. >> greg: can we go to a live shot to see if anything is happening. >> dana: that guy is still sitting there. >> greg: sitting there. >> bob: leave him alone. that is my brother. my brother lives there.
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>> eric: more to get to, you guys. stay with us. don't forget, we want to hear from you. so e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." all right, we have been talking about the debt ceiling. you can see they're working hard in d.c. they're working hard maybe to go to a birthday party, of barack obama coming up or maybe they want to go on vacation. the obamas sure do. they decided to go back to martha vineyard to the sprawling estate, the blue heroin farm a -- butheron farm. does it look good? daps i'm for first family having a vacation. the double standard is outrageous. president bush when he went to his ranch in crawford, texas, which he owned and which he paid for. >> bob: went to often. daps invited heads of state who loved to go there. it was a diplomatic thing. we would invite merkel, putin. we remember had a great picture of the king of saudi arabia there, too. i think that the martha
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vineyard's thing is hard for some people to swallow because a lot of people this summer for the third summer in a row aren't getting a vacation. >> greg: the whole family has to be impeached. outrage the fact they're going on vacation. >> bob: i don't like martha's vineyard. i got banned for a lifetime from the golf course up there. >> greg: what did you do? >> bob: i hit one of the grand am of the back with a ball. >> greg: were your golfing or just throw the ball out them? >> bob: i teed off the first tee and didn't see her. >> greg: you didn't shout "fore"! >> bob: of course they deserve a vacation. i don't think anybody cares about this. jimmy cart earn when i worked for carter, somebody decided politically smart thing to do, get a paddle wheel boat down the mississippi river. carter liked to jog at 5:00 a.m. he was on the deck at 10:00, running around going boom, boom, boom, boom. waking everybody up. bad idea. >> eric: a vacation is fine.
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he has golfed 75 rounds of golf in the presidency. been to hawaii a couple times. he has been to spain. >> dana: he didn't go to spain, his wife went to spain. >> greg: i want him out of the white house. the less work your political leaders do the less damage they do. >> bob: why are you obsessed with the golf thing? do you have a bad golf game? >> eric: 75 rounds of golf. the economy is falling apart. 14 million people out of work. spend more time in the oval office -- >> dana: more people complain about him golfing he thinks i'll golf again this year. >> greg: i think it's the only place he gets sal solitude. >> andrea: we need to share in the sacrifice. this looks like let them eat peas. >> bob: he said tax me, i'm a rich guy. tax me. >> dana: i happen to say some of the best presidential vacation, though, for the white house press corps had to be in the reagan administration. he went to the ranch in santa barbara. the press didn't have a 24/7
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news cycle and all the things to keep up with. the press secretary at the time breached once a week and said it was the one of the best times they had. got up to shenanigans. >> greg: i to hear about the shenanigans, tepeing of the hot tub? >> andrea: scolds corporate america and colds corporate jet owners and flies on air force one. >> bob: miss vogue, you are sitting here complaining. you've gone to martha vineyard. you're a girl. daps never been there. >> andrea: never been there. b. you'd like it. daps i'm going to wyoming. >> andrea: i know why he is get augustway, there is big-time fighting going on in house. we have a fight between congressman west of florida and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. break down the fight and start off with what wasserman schultz said that angered west. take a listen. >> president obama vowed to veto this bill which ends the
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medicare guarantee and incredulously the gentleman from florida who represents thousands of medicare beneficiaries as do i is supportive the plan to increase cost for medicare beneficiaries. unbelievable from a member from south florida. >> andrea: okay, whether it's truthful or not, that was just policy. here is how west reacted in an e-mail to wasserman schultz. >> for her to follow me on the house floor after i have given a one-minute speech and i talked about facts and figures as far as the debt ceiling and her to make personal references to me after i had left i didn't appreciate that. she is not a victim. she has been attacking allen west for quite some time. i finally had to let her know enough is enough. >> eric: hold on. that was his explanation for this. right here that he said. let me make myself perfectly clear. you don't have a personal fight -- sorry i need my glasses.
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>> dana: >> they, eric. borrow bob's glasses. >> bob: this dude could use a lot of valium in all the years i've been in washington, never heard an attack that shrill as i heard. he is a little off-base here. i know everybody loves him in the tea party but i think he has a screw loose. >> greg: it's about time republicans and the conservatives had a feisty character. >> bob: to say that about schultz? c'mon! that is disgusting. >> eric: bob, it's wrong that he said it. >> greg: it's because he is not a political animal. not like you, bob. he doesn't haveior skill and savvy. >> eric: she took a shot, she started it. daps couple of things. >> eric: he took a shot back when she started the fight. daps okay. when you -- >> dana: okay, when you watch the video, he is calm. he is making a point. it's not outrageous.
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the e-mail is something that all of us need to remember at our places of work, which is better to not send it. or send it to yourself and then you will read it. >> bob: in that e-mail he called her out to have a fight, big tough guy west. >> andrea: this is the most outrageous i've seen you and we talked about screwing michele bachmann. why didn't you get angry -- >> bob: i come out strongly against maher. an attack and you threat an woman like this that in e-mail -- >> eric: it has nothing to do with female or male. >> greg: it's not being a lady. that was the thing that was off. >> bob: if you want to finish this. it's like you hear at a bar. >> andrea: all he had to say was wasserman schultz cut $400 billion from medicare through obamacare, medicare advantage. done. south florida, she already cut your benefit. >> bob: you should give them advice about this. >> andrea: we have to take a quick break. but stay with us. more of "the five" coming right up.
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>> bob: welcome back to "the five." look, here is the thing. welcome. west, i didn't mean to call you out. you could probably kick my butt in a second. >> eric: probable? >> bob: he could. earmarks, everybody is talking about earmarks how they're all gone. >> eric: terrible. awful. >> bob: what has happened here is something i used to do in that business, now they, before they got earmark bypassing the appropriation process. here is how they work. we will build a bridge at longitude 147.6 southeast and latitude 777 -- in other words, they're all back. it's just going through the appropriations process. if people were cynical about this before, they have every right to be. nothing changed. the numbers should be higher. >> greg: i don't understand why they use that. >> bob: they don't want to say congressman blank district so they put it in latitude and
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longitude as if someone hasn't figured it out. >> eric: liberals come up with all the tricks. >> bob: it's not a trick. you don't study longitude and latitude. >> eric: did i substituter? >> bob: now they have satellite positioning they're in real trouble. i want to make the point it's just, i knew it was never going to go away. they figured out how to get it back. >> greg: why do they call it earmarks? >> bob: what used to happen the deans, murtha being the one who passed away would sit in the back of the house and have a pad. he was called "dean." and they'd say i want something in my district. he says i'll earmark that one. let me earmark that one. let me earmark that one. screw you. i'llee mark that one. that's how he did. make the whole list. the bill would come up on the floor and say total non-germaneness, nothing with the bill. say, i'd like to have a pass
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here. unanimous concept to do it and put 40 bills on the peace corps bill. >> dana: i don't know what the rules are when it comes to the bill that is moving through now on the debt ceiling but if you think they are not going to try to stuff things in there because it's one of the only vehicles that is moving. >> bob: that will be a tough one. on the bills that come out of the bill. remember, they have to write a bill that mandates the things get done. never get it done by august 3. still get the debt increased. >> andrea: funny, democrat -- >> bob: it does, but -- >> andrea: funny. >> bob: the twitter thing, i still love twitter. i don't know what it is. >> greg: twitter debate among the republican candidates. show a live shot of the white house. >> bob: don't do that. >> greg: yes, do it. >> bob: that's my brother in lafayette park. >> greg: behind the bush. the twitter debate, i tried to get on there. and it froze my computer. i was working on this show for my talking points, everything went away. it lost everything. worse debate ever, because i couldn't follow. it was different than the other twitter debate where the
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answers were actually tweeted. not just the questions but the answers. so you had to sit there and follow it along. >> bob: candidates all in a room? >> greg: no, all over the place. >> eric: but they have 140 characters to answer the question. >> andrea: the first and the last. >> eric: which we need to point out all the people who twitter me and say get bob becket a twitter account, we're working on it. >> bob: i can't do that. i'd screw it up and say nothing bad. i wouldn't butt my underwear on there. daps it's not your underwear that is a problem. >> bob: i used to get tax deduction for my underwear but not anymore. >> greg: bob is an example of a life not lived online. no one goes to their deathbed thinking about great tweet or facebook status. bob, you lived a life on earth, not online. beautiful. >> bob: i couldn't say anything in 145 characters. impossible. >> dana: 140. >> bob: did you not find this amazing? that bachmann, michele bachmann who i usually have my disagreements with but she has
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had a series of migraines headache, a lot of people do. >> andrea: i a migraine headache from sitting next to you every day. >> bob: why did i give that softball down to you? unbelievable. you took it, didn't you? >> andrea: i did. >> bob: known around washington for a couple of years a lot of people have migraines. now all of a sudden it comes up. who do you think is behind that? >> andrea: pawlenty staffer. i don't know who is behind it but -- >> dana: the quote in the "daily caller" are from anonymous former staffers of michele bachmann. >> andrea: whether or not now work for tim pawlenty. >> dana: when i first saw the article and tweets about it, i thought here we go. middle aged woman, menopausal, certainly don't want her in the white house next to the red button. i thought it was wrong. then i do think however, i think michele bachmann today had to come out and say look, the doctor put out a letter that said -- >> eric: she cleared it up. doctor's note. >> dana: it's wrong that people should take
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prescription medicine? >> bob: we have to move on to something. >> eric: bob, can we point out the liberal hero of all time, john f. kennedy. wasn't he on a list of medications this long for depression, yada, yada, yada? >> bob: his weren't legal. >> greg: funny when media focuses on prescription drug use among politicians. i never worked in a place where there wasn't heavy drug use in the media from magazines to tv. >> andrea: but this woman has a law degree and raised 23 foster kids alone. c'mon. that would give me a headache raising one kid. >> bob: say one thing and get out of here. herman cain is back at it again. now he jumped on mormons. he started on doing this thing about the muslims then he is mormon. next thing he is going to do and jump on the dalai lama. >> dana: it was like a "seinfeld" episode. not that there is anything wrong with that. >> bob: speaking not wrong or right with it, e-mail us comments at "the five." we love to hear it.
11:32 pm we'll be right back. yeah, we'll be right back. we really will. ♪ ♪ also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: good to know that bob becket likes the music choice. welcome back.
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right before we went to break we talked about herman cain. it's worth bringing that back up, because the 2012 election heating up and people are getting a little desperate. we talked about the sort of, you might call at it dirty trick when it comes to the bachmann piece about the migraine but herman cain now decided to play a card that other people haven't played yet. a lot of people expected it to be played. he made an issue of mitt romney's mormon faith. one thing he said, as i said, like the "seinfeld piece," not that there is anything wrong with it. he said it doesn't bother me but i know it's an issue with a lot of southerner and said the republican can't win presidential election without winning the south. an degreia, your thoughts on this? >> andrea: i think the first part of what he said is true. should he have said it? probably not. i think he was trying to do a dirty trick. i think there are people mainly evangelicals who are skeptical of mormonism. but the second part of it saying he doesn't believe he can win, i don't think it's necessarily true. i real le don't. >> greg: the reason why he
11:38 pm
could win is he is a mormon. that lifestyle made him very healthy. he has great hair. talking about romney. everything that romney has done is everything that bob becket continue. you cabecket -- hasn't done. >> andrea: it works oftentimes, but people like to relate to the president. squeaky clean -- romney doesn't resonate. >> eric: that is his style. >> dana: he brings this up. >> eric: romneycare. >> bob: eric, mormon -- dana was right when he says it doesn't bother me. that is like bull connor saying blacks don't bother me. >> dana: i gay friends, too. i want to talk about one other thing because it irritates me. the national institute of health -- sorry, health and human services today asked whether or not we should give free birth control to people. that women would haven't to pay co-pay when they go to the doctors now. i might be for that if i didn't see a lot of people out there able to buy a new pair of shoes.
11:39 pm
we have to be able to make some choices here. greg, do you think people -- you're iffy on this. >> greg: i am iffy. we talked about it in the meeting today. bob said something that was true and if you are talking about free birth control, who is going to use free birth control? the people who can't afford it. so the left figured out a way to eradicate the poor. it's by eradicating the poor. right? >> bob: only you'd come up with that. >> greg: that is what you said! >> bob: i didn't say it at all. for birth control is amazing to me. i support it 100%, 1,000%. >> greg: there would be more beckleshss running around. >> bob: on the policy side, poor women can't afford this stuff and many cases poor women who cannot afford to have a lot of children. i think that is a very reasonable -- daps how are we going to define "poor"? who is not in that category now who can't get free birth control anyway? >> andrea: that is right. most poor people can, it's already provided. why should taxpayers have to
11:40 pm
fund breast pump and birth control? women should be responsible for their ovaries. >> bob: you get it now so you pay for it now? >> andrea:it's different. when they say it's free to everybody, somebody has to pay. what will happen is it's higher premiums for everybody else. i want to point out that this was reported in the "new york times." in february that the services would be free. the institute of medicine report is a sham given the administration cover. this already was baked in the cake. >> bob: babies having babies is a big problem in the country. if we get that -- i think everybody ought to vit. >> dana: but if you can afford a $5 frappuccino at starbucks you can pay your $5 co-pay. >> bob: i am happy to say i never been in a starbucks. >> dana: that is not possibly true. >> bob: it's true. daps you don't do twitter, not even go to the bathroom, you went to wal-mart to go to a bathroom. never went to a starbucks
11:41 pm
ever? >> bob: i went to buy a cookie once. i don't drink coffee. >> greg: i thought you went to use the bathroom. >> bob: that was wal-mart. bathroom was lousy, by the way. >> andrea: this bill provides for free sterilization. free reproductive counseling. >> bob: what is wrong with that? >> andrea: doesn't your prized planned parenthood already do this? >> eric: thank you. >> bob: planned parenthood is one of the great organizations in america. it's left its mark -- >> eric: was it defunded? oh, right, almost defunded. >> bob: originally. by the tea party. throw birth control pills over the boat? >> greg: the fish would be sterile. >> bob: they are already because of the pollute tants that lot of your friends put in there. >> dana: we're moving on. the question is going to be is your playground ever too safe? that's what we'll talk about next on "the five."
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♪ >> greg: is in the "new york times," john thierney suggests playgrounds may be too safe and avoiding risks may keep kids avoiding fear.
11:46 pm
so they later may be scared of height. so exposure to risk clears phobia and avoiding risks leads to pale neurotic scared of their own shadow. like me. i rarely go outside and if i do it's usually in bubble wrap. everything that is scary is fun. when i was a kid is gone. fireworks, candy cigarettes, the torn playboy hidden around rock. that was my saturday. if you were 18 and hadn't lost part of a finger to a bottle rocket you weren't living. now cowboys and indians is hurtful. spitball is a lethal weapon. and a treehouse is a death trap. is it no wonder more kids see shrinks these days when a slingshot would have done wonders? i agree in pursuit of a risk-free world, kids are indoor pets. electronically tethered never out of reach. when i was young, i could disappear for days in the woods. my parents never worried. of course they left me there to begin with, but i always
11:47 pm
got home. are we too safety conscious? >> bob: you left out cherry bombs in toilets. that was great! i mean it's ridiculous. if you want to get kids not -- take them and throw them off, maybe it will get rid of the free of flying. >> greg: you don't buy the theory? >> bob: no, it's ridiculous. there has to be regulations. a lot of places i played, the playgrounds the ones i was allowed into were terrible. people got hurt there a lot. i'd like to see regulations to make sure it stays up. but the idea that somehow this is causing kids to be neurorattic, if that was the case, dan except for her, the playground would be afraid of them. >> dana: so i was a gymnast when i was little. i was pretty good. i could, i would do these flips on, off of the -- i remember this metal thin bar. the ground was gravel. i know my mom used to sit there, the first couple of times she was like uh! i did it and it was fine.
11:48 pm
i scraped my hands a couple times but not a big deal. >> bob: not up in the air? daps if i look now it might not seem that tall but back then -- >> greg: how long were you a gymnast? democracy long time. >> greg: any pictures? >> dana: no! pervert. >> greg: i'm not a pervert. i'm a fan of the sport. >> eric: parents have become wussified. you know the things that were in a circle and go on and they'd run fast and people would fall off or throw up. >> greg: merry-go-round? daps it's related to the problem of people not taking risk overall in general. i mentioned earlier musical chairs when i was living in the u.k. there was a story about this school district decide nod up with could play musical chairs because somebody had to lose. >> bob: there is a group -- i was going to say a group of outward bound, the thing is to deal with this. it had a home in and signed up
11:49 pm
for four days of outward bounds and after six hours i said to hell with this. you had to walk across the top -- >> greg: you can't drink for 12 hours. >> bob: that was the problem. >> greg: move on to another story. andrea, any stitches or scars? >> andrea: i wasn't allowed to go playground. i worked in a restaurant. if you want to talk tough. >> dana: uphill, both ways. >> andrea: stick hand in boiling water, dishwasher, clean the tables no excuses. the kids today don't want to do any work. >> bob: bring the gun. >> greg: talk about the bull attacks? candidate for mayor of baltimore is introduced -- it's otis rally. otis rally i think. he wants to put a bullet tax, dollar per bullet if you buy a bullet you pay $1 tax. and says it will reduce violence. >> dana: who in baltimore
11:50 pm
buys a bullet legally? have you been there? >> greg: no, i stay away. i've seen "the wire." enough for me. >> dana: a nuisance tax. tax on a cat or bullet. >> bob: i thought we resolved this yesterday. n.r.a. would give everyone chihuahuas and save them. the more the bullet tax, less bullets around people won't pay for it. daps right. >> eric: i think there should be bullet subsidy. the only one i'm for. >> andrea: why? >> eric: i'm for is second amendment right to keep and bear arms. if you want a gun -- >> bob: a bullet? >> dana: but this -- >> greg: you always bring up bazooka. if we talk guns you bring up bazooka. like everybody in the n.r.a. have a bazooka. >> bob: a lot of them would like them. i was -- never mind. >> dana: the candidate proms more efficient policing in -- promises more efficient policing in baltimore. honestly. i'm going there tomorrow night. >> bob: they have a big
11:51 pm
crime problem. let's not pass this over. baltimore has one of the highest murder rates in the country. >> andrea: you think a bullet tax will bring down the violence? >> bob: see i know what you are saying. you know where they get most of the guns in baltimore? virginia in gun shows. >> greg: they legalize drugs the violence would stop. >> eric: it has to be a national bullet tax or it won't work. from baltimore, you can step outside of baltimore and buy a bullet. >> bob: you have to take it to a range and shoot. >> greg: they have higher range of violence in england. >> bob: where? >> greg: they have a lot of knife crime. >> bob: i see. >> greg: rath ver a gun. >> bob: a lot has happened since jack the ripper. you could catch up. >> greg: there should be a bullet rebate, bullet costs $1,000. if the perp you shoot is a criminal, you get $1,000 back. >> bob: the idea that you have bullet in your gun scares me. you with a gun, is the most frightening thought i can -- >> greg: i got rid of my gun for that reason.
11:52 pm
it didn't trust myself. i'm such a klutz. >> dana: and also your blackberry so you don't tweet when drunk. >> bob: greg, your tease. >> greg: thank you. always there to help out. more after this break. e-mail us at ♪ you go next if you had a
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>> eric: welcome back to "the five." here is a story that got us riled up in the morning meeting. turns out pittsburgh steelers running back rashard mendenhall was apparently tweeting after bin laden was shot and saying he was defending the way it went down. can we see some of the tweets that he put up? here is what he is saying, saying why should we celebrate the death of anyone here? what kind of person celebrates death? it's amaze how people can hate a man they've never heard
11:57 pm
speak. we only heard one side. he also said we'll never know what really happened. i just have a hard time believing a plane could take down a skyscraper demolition style. the pushback was immense. dana, i will go to you on this one. he had a deal with champion. i've signed professional contracts before. i played for the pirates. you sign a deal that says if you damage the brand you give the money back or they can fire you. he was fired by champion and wants to sue to get his money back. daps how about it get a contract with the patriots. >> eric: spirits. daps but patriots are a team, too. >> greg: but it was the pirates. daps there was a clause -- >> eric: pirates. >> dana: there was a clause that said if you do something we disagree with and he was referring to the truther movement that said the government must have known something, or inside job. >> eric: putting it front and center and making himself
11:58 pm
poster boy. >> dana: champion cut him off. >> bob: i'm against morals clauses number one. i don't want any in my nto conspiracys, you try to impress people that you know something other people don't. he deeveryone ises to lose the endorsement. >> bob: do you have to buy a tweet box? >> eric: no. we'll sign him you have after the show. >> greg: round machine called the twitter. >> bob: you're making fun of me. >> andrea: if he doesn't want the endorsement, he can say whatever he wants but he can't have endorsement deals.
11:59 pm
>> dana: it's ridiculous because he is going to sue the company. >> andrea: he does not have a case. daps i don't think so. >> bob: one thick i'd like to say is restricted trade. >> eric: young kids not only watch the n.f.l. and watch the pittsburgh steelers and they buy the champion sporting goods, who is the brand he was signing for. listen, i'm signing with champion and say forget it. give us the money back. >> andrea: suing for $1 million. his lawyer says it's not about the money. it's about the principle. c'mon! >> bob: there is a certain principle in this. what did you endorse? victoria secret. >> eric: i signed with the pirates off clause, morality clause. daps i thought pitburg was the steelers -- >> dana: i thought pittsburgh was the steelers. >> eric: this is baseball. >> bob: dana, got to love you. >> dana: sports is not my strong suit. >> greg: you were a